Amazon Premier League fixtures great for English football fans

Amazon Premier League could revolutionise the way football is broadcast in the UK and the fans will be the real winners with lower subscription fees and a selection of matches. 

When I first moved to the United Kingdom in 2009, I was shocked to learn about the 3 pm football blackout. I had assumed wrongly that football would be shown non-stop on Sky Sports and other providers much like my experiences watching sports in other countries. Of course, I had based a lot of my assumptions on the United States and the incredible amount of football I was able to watch each match day.

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Unfortunately, things weren’t as I assumed although, in the last decade, more football has found its way on to television screens thanks to Sky Sports and BT Sport scheduling Premier League games around the 3 pm blackout.

Taking things a step further with showing Premier League matches to fans at home is Amazon. The media giant will air 20 Premier League fixtures over the busy December football period giving fans the chance to stream matches to their favourite device or television.

So, what is so amazing about the Amazon Premier League games? Well, for one, you can watch any of the 10 matches you want on Boxing Day. Whether you want to see Leicester City versus Liverpool or Wolverhampton Wanderers versus Manchester City, you can select the match you want to view.

Fans do not have to watch the match given to them by the broadcaster and they can select any fixture they wish to view. In 2019, this is how football should be and the Amazon Premier Leauge package gives it to you.

Amazon will show the Boxing Day fixtures along with the Premier League’s round of games on December 3, 4, and 5. There are some massive fixtures for both rounds that not only include the ones previously mentioned but fans can watch the Merseyside Derby and Manchester United against Tottenham Hotspur.

Amazon Premier League has Sky and BT scared

Amazon is a massive company that could become even bigger if it purchases the complete rights to the Premier League in the UK. December’s games are just a taster for the company before possibly delving deeper into gaining the Premier League’s full rights, or at least more of the games.

Sky Sports and BT Sport are deathly afraid of Amazon right now. Sky was slow to react to the changes going on around them and have lost a considerable number of customers. Thanks to Now TV, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, millions of UK citizens no longer subscribe to cable or satellite television.

If Amazon can get the rights to the Premier League, even more customers will leave Sky. It is the Premier League that has kept so many people paying for Sky and if it goes, they will too.

Across the pond in the United States, it was reported that 24.9 million households had cut the cord by the end of 2017. There are far more streaming services in the US with many focused strictly on offering sports content. The UK currently lacks streaming services that can offer high-quality sports content consistently. If a company such as Amazon can get the full rights to the Premier League and some other sports competitions to go along with it, Sky Sports and BT Sport will struggle to keep their relevancy.

Amazon Prime costs as little as £79 per year. If the Premier League was available for the entire season, the streaming service would most likely need to increase its Prime package. Still, Amazon Premier League wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Right now, Sky Sports is offered from £23 per month for all sports channels. How many sports fans would sign up for Amazon Prime at just £7.99 per month? Most likely a lot of them. It is also far cheaper than Now TV’s Sky Sports monthly package of £33.99.

Amazon Premier League coverage could revolutionise football broadcasts in the UK. The fans will be the biggest winners as not only do they get a great deal, but a selection of any match to watch during the two rounds.