Sportsweek Debate : Where will EVERY Premier League team finish this season?

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Today, we are asking Drew and Mark to predict how they think the Premier League table will look next May, when all teams have played their 38 games.

First up, Mark gives his summation and prediction for the Premier League 2019/20 season:


I don’t see many surprises at the top end of the table, although I do see a few positional changes. Manchester City look a lock for another Premier League title, but I think Liverpool will come back to the pack some and maybe slip a few places with Tottenham and Manchester United improving. I think Everton will make inroads into the gap between the top six and the rest, but maybe fall short of breaking into it with Wolves and Leicester being the best of the rest.

At the bottom, I see two of the newly promoted clubs suffering an immediate return to the Championship. Norwich City and Sheffield United will have their moments and I don’t think will be tailed off, but ultimately I believe will fall through the relegation trapdoor. Aston Villa can – and will – survive – meaning an existing Premier League club will suffer the ignominy of relegation. Brighton and Southampton look the two likeliest candidates here – and I feel it will be the latter who doesn’t make it. Just.

My final League table for the 2019/20 season therefore is:

  1. Manchester City
  2. Tottenham Hotspur
  3. Manchester United
  4. Liverpool
  5. Arsenal
  6. Chelsea
  7. Everton
  8. Leicester City
  9. Wolverhampton Wanderers
  10. West Ham United
  11. Watford
  12. Aston Villa
  13. Bournemouth
  14. Burnley
  15. Newcastle United
  16. Crystal Palace
  17. Brighton
  18. Southampton
  19. Sheffield United
  20. Norwich City

Thanks, Mark! Some interesting – and maybe controversial predictions there.

Now, over to Drew for his assessment :


I’m going to have to disagree with a few of Mark’s picks and points. I don’t see how Manchester United have improved enough to finish third. Romelu Lukaku is gone, but unless they make a massive upgrade at the deadline, who will be their goalscoring No. 9? Is 33-year-old Mario Mandzukic really going to be their saviour? Give me a break. They are still a fractured team.

Harry Maguire will improve the defence some, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer struggled at the end of last season and Marcus Rashford has to score more than 10 Premier League goals for me to think he can carry the team.

Manchester United will be lucky to get into the top four as they compete in the Europa League as well. I also believe Chelsea will struggle to get into the top four based on their transfer ban and playing in the Champions League. In addition, there seem to be assumptions that Frank Lampard will have zero issues as a first-year Premier League manager after a decent season at Derby County.

Tottenham Hotspur signed one new significant player in Tanguy Ndombele. Well done. Why is everyone doing backflips over this? He will take time to bed-in. As I write this they are trying to sign Paulo Dybala on loan. Spurs are the same team as they were last season, who faded away in the second half of the term. Dele Alli is injured and won’t start the season. Nor will Son Heung-Min, who is suspended. Depth is an issue still at Tottenham Hotspur and Harry Kane is one sprained ankle away from sitting out a handful of games. How are they better than third place?

Arsenal have done the most work of the top six teams in the transfer market signing David Luiz, Nicolas Pepe, and Kieran Tierney. Great job by the Gunners as they needed the most work on their squad. Defence will still be an issue.

Manchester City are strong, but so are Liverpool. Who could Liverpool have signed to break into their starting XI? Too many fans and non-fans of the club continue to claim Liverpool should sign players, but who do they get? Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo, or perhaps Luis Suarez again? The team is solid already. Liverpool showed they can still hang with Manchester City in the Community Shield.

Too many football fans cry foul when a big club doesn’t give young players a chance. Well, Liverpool may do that this year with Rhian Brewster, Harvey Elliott, and others. We shall see.

Both Liverpool and Manchester City had the least work to do. However, Pep Guardiola still got a couple of players.

Wolverhampton Wanderers and Leicester City will challenge for the top six. Everton could, but I still have reservations.

At the bottom of the table, I see similar teams from last season fighting for survival. Crystal Palace, Newcastle United, Brighton, and Burnley will battle relegation. Unlike Mark, I believe Southampton will be stronger this season and finish comfortably in midtable under Ralph Hassenhuttl.

My final League table for the 2019/20 season therefore is :

  1. Manchester City
  2. Liverpool
  3. Arsenal
  4. Tottenham Hotspur
  5. Manchester United
  6. Wolverhampton Wanderers
  7. Chelsea
  8. Leicester City
  9. Everton
  10. West Ham
  11. Southampton
  12. Watford
  13. Aston Villa
  14. Bournemouth
  15. Norwich City
  16. Crystal Palace
  17. Burnley
  18. Newcastle United
  19. Brighton
  20. Sheffield United