Ranking our top five new kits for the 2019/20 Premier League Season

Its the season for the new kits reveal – with all 20 Premier League clubs for the 2019/20 season now releasing their kits – some looking to go back to basics – some looking to be a little more creative and flamboyant with their designs.

Here, in reverse order, we rank our top five favourite kits from the choices on offer – for sake of ease, we have stuck to the home kits, rather than include away and third kits!


The Champions will look to defend their title in a traditional – though maybe slightly darker from previous iterations – pale/sky blue kit – but with a purple shoulder and edgings introduced, which we like. The sponsors name in the same purple font matches up nicely and we feel it has a royal touch about it….totally as it should be for the Pep Guardiola’s men.


Whilst we would LOVE to see a retro Palace kit from the 80’s, with those diagonal red and blue stripes across a white shirt, the Eagles have slowly but surely redefined their colours across the decades to now be known for red and blue stripes. We love their new version, with the white pinstripes, collars and logos just offsetting the red and blue perfectly – they will look super smart in front of their raucous fans at Selhurst Park.


For all the fancy designs and patterns now seen, sometimes the best are often the most basic. Step forward Arsenal FC, who have brought out this stunning simple but gorgeous kit that defines true Arsenal colours….red shirts with white sleeves. Even the three stripe logo element across the shoulders takes nothing away from this beauty. Everything about this screams class. Hopefully the players will deliver on the pitch what this kit deserves.


Wolves were a breath of fresh air for the Premier League last season on the pitch…and their choice of kit for the new season, along with their assault on the Europa League, is a winner also. To be fair, there are few combinations of the Wolves ‘Old Gold’ and black that don’t go – but we love this primarily simple design with the clever black edgings that screams Wolves through and through. The subtle in-shirt design works nicely also – and can be seen without detriment to the shirt. Very, very classy.


The Canaries have been guilty of some absolutely shocking kits over the years – last season’s Championship winning kit was pretty gruesome in itself. But they return to the Premier League with a true thing of beauty. A clever green fading into the traditional yellow looking fantastic when paired with the green shorts – and the green edgings not detracting from the main body either. We absolutely adore this kit – and whilst it may well prove to be a long, tough season at Carrow Road for the Norwich faithful to endure, at least they will totally look the part and be our Champions in the home kit stakes!!