Classy Fury wins in two; fires warning to heavyweight rivals

Tyson Fury beat Germany’s Tom Schwarz inside two rounds at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas on Saturday night – and in the process sent a clear message to Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua and all – the Gypsy King is most assuredly back.

Despite Schwarz’s intent to take the fight to Fury, the Gypsy King just had too much in the locker for the steadfast German – who took too much damage in the second round for the fight to continue, with Schwarz’s corner throwing the towel into the round after seeing their man, bloodied and bewildered, dropped in the second round and taking a fearful battering from the relentless Fury.

Tyson Fury had entered the ring playing the part of Apollo Creed from Rocky IV – coming into the ring in Creed’s Stars and Stripes gown and shorts, and to the tune of ‘Living In America’ by James Brown. He appeared relaxed and enjoying playing the part, before turning his attention to business and his hitherto unbeaten opponent.

Schwarz started the fight well and indeed landed a few strong blows on the Gypsy King, but that was as good as it got, as Fury picked Schwarz off at will, moved around the ring lithely and then delivered some tremendous blows of his own. At the start of the second round, Fury looked in some trouble, seemingly cornered by Schwarz – but he simply ducked and weaved his opponent around and then put him in the corner himself, before unleashing a tirade of punches – a crunching right sending Schwarz to the floor, and bloodying his nose. He made the count but struggled to fend off the constant attacks of Fury – and with 6 seconds of the round left, the towel was rightly thrown into the ring by the German’s corner for Fury to win by a TKO, as it will be recorded.

After the fight, Fury said : “I got a big man out of there by switching it up. He caught me with a couple but you can’t go swimming and not get wet. I came here to have fun and enjoy myself. I don’t take it too seriously. I thought I put on a good show and the fans got what they paid for”

Fury’s plans will now likely switch again to Deontay Wilder – the only man who Fury has not beaten in a heavyweight clash. When asked about Wilder, Fury was his usual confident self – but could not resist taking a further dig at Anthony Joshua, saying :

Deontay Wilder is coming. This fight is happening. There were three horses in the heavyweight division; now there’s two. I wanted to show a few things to the American public, to introduce myself properly. I showed a little bit of speed, boxing skill, my ability to slip and slide out of the way of punches and my ability to finish, which is important.”

Whether it be Wilder, Joshua, Ruiz Jnr….whomever….the heavyweight division and all boxing fans will be counting down the minutes until the Gypsy King takes his travelling show into an arena again and entertains fans before, during and after the boxing itself.